I have talked before about my favorite flower: the white rose.  As summer presents itself, I look out my window and see my roses blooming in my garden.

A garden is a wonderful thing. It does not have to be outdoors. Creating a space in your home using a pot of soil instead of the ground has proven great for city dwellers and those in cold weather.

Growing up, my mom always had a rose garden. Regardless of whether it was a holiday, birthday or an ordinary day, she always had her roses from her garden placed in a vase in our home, sometimes a few and sometimes a single rose.

When my mom passed away and we moved my dad to his new home to start a different chapter in his life, he did not want to leave my mom’s roses behind. So we bought some big clay pots, dug her roses out of the garden and carefully repotted them into their new home. With this he has been able to move this special thing of my mom’s with him no matter where he is.

I remember my mom every time we look at our roses.