A Poem


We awake on this special day

To shining light

With special thanks to more than just our land.


On the outside are three colors.

On the inside are all colors.

 Colors that stand singularly.


As this land surrounds them and protects them,

These colors blend and spread.


Mothered by this land.

Its water.

Its air.

Its dirt.


A land that wants to nurture.


Standing strong from its first special day.

Now with each anniversary of that date.

Growing from the inside out,

And the outside in.


Its unconditional love that protects.


With each anniversary of this special date

Are reminders of the need for protection.


Those blended colors within need stand strong with this land.

These blended colors within must protect this land’s three colors.


In doing so this land and its colors 

Will be free to be.


Happy Fourth of July