Lannette Cornell Bloom is passionate about bringing simple joys to others. As a Registered Nurse and health practitioner of more than 32 years, Lannette has seen first hand the need to care for others both emotionally and physically. When her mother was diagnosed with a terminal illness in 2003, she came to understand how critical it is that we talk about death in a more positive way and see that emotional healing is possible through mindful choices. She now shares her story and that wisdom in her book, Memories and Dragonflies, Simple Lessons for Mindful Dying.

She has always been aware of an internal guiding presence that helps her assess and connect with others. When she was younger, she described it as a gut feeling. Only after her mom became terminally ill, and through the process of caregiving did Lannette learn to define that feeling as intuition. Since then, she has grown steadfast in listening to that intuition and her spirituality.

Though her parents raised her to be a tough, independent woman, she’s always felt compelled by her nurturing and empathetic nature to help people. Embracing both her strength and softness, Lannette has been able to care for people in many different ways.

She believes in the trickle down effect; helping someone so that they in turn are able to help someone else in need. She tries to give as much and as often as she can, everyday using this positive energy to nurture both herself and those she helps. Lannette fosters creativity in others and uses creativity in all aspects of her life. She believes in celebrating life to the fullest no matter what your situation.

She currently lives in La Jolla, CA with her husband and two pugs.