Having framed pictures around the house is a must in our family. I love when I’m cooking in the kitchen and look up to see a photo of my girls, or when I’m writing at my desk and glimpse my mom and dad on their wedding day. But I also like to keep my house clutter-free, since I am allergic to dust—the less there is to clean the better!

So instead of dozens of frames, I carefully selected a few picture frames that I love. Every year or so, when I get an updated photo of my girls, for example, I change the photos in the frames. I open the back of the frame up, take out the photo, put the new one in against the glass and place the previous photo behind the newer one. I then shut all the photos back into the frame. This makes it easy for me to look through these favorite photos I have had out in the past. I know they are a moment away from viewing if I want.  Simple storage of our favorite pictures.