My sister and I circa 1966 on Easter

My sister and I circa 1966 on Easter

We were settled into our first real home. I was in first grade and my sister preschool.  We did not care if our home was not filled with furniture.  The few pieces of furniture from our old apartment was fine and plenty.  My mom and dad worked hard and well together.  At this age, they had already given my sister and I more than they ever had growing up, and not just financially, but also emotionally.  So there my sister and I were on Easter morning in 1966, with the biggest Easter basket we had ever laid eyes on, bigger than both of us put together! 

It was really two baskets in one. Each side of it was filled with the same items, so all was fair and square. There were two stuffed bunnies and lots of chocolate, which mom was good at dividing up over time since I was known to get sick from eating excessive amounts of sweets in one sitting—my eyes were definitely bigger than my stomach!

The cellophane that surrounded the basket stopped us from immediately tearing through all the goodies inside.  To this day, I have never cared for that wrapping paper around Easter baskets you see in stores. I realize it has a dual job: keeping things in the basket and keeping kids out.

As an adult, I wonder where my parents hid this huge thing. There was no furniture it would fit behind or under and we were in and out of the garage and car all the time. But I guess that was just part of the marvel of it! 

Wishing you the best Easter and springtime.