Almost everybody loves to celebrate their birthday.

When we are young, we can not wait for our next birthday, because they lead to exciting milestones like getting a drivers license, voting in an election and legally drinking.  As we get older, the milestones are fewer, and we do not mind if these birthdays slow down. But I say: why hide from them? Let’s celebrate them! 

My family celebrates birthdays, not just on the day, but as a season.  We love birthday cards. It does not matter if a birthday card is hand made, bought at a store, is small or large.  Everyone in our family starts a few weeks ahead collecting and making these cards for the upcoming birthday person or pet.  This friend or family member’s birthday may last three weeks or so, even if they do not live with you or near you. You can send the cards in the mail ahead of time.  If you want to give these cards to the person at one time, you can label them with consecutive dates so they know when to open them.  This makes everyone’s birthday an event.  When they open the cards, their home or where they are staying becomes filled with birthday spirit.  With this, no presents are needed, just your simple thoughts and love given to them, not only for their birthday, but now their birthday season.