For many years now at the end of January, my husband and I get together with a large group of friends at a local clubhouse and have a chili cook-off. The chef there makes his famous chili and competes against anyone who wants to prepare a chili dish. Of course, not every one has to make chili. Some people come as taste-testers! Others bring a side dish to enjoy with all the different chili recipes there are to try.

Each year we all try to come up with a new chili recipe. So, with this in mind, I created a tomato-less, chicken green chili.  The recipe has turned out to be a favorite of mine and is simple to prepare.

I have two versions of this chili. My goal was for it to be delicious, but also a chili that people with gluten or tomato allergies could still enjoy.  A simple dish to share whether at home or away.


Tomato-less Chicken Green Chili


I first prepare my secret ingredient.

Home made Green Chili Enchiladas.  Yes, enchiladas that will be put right into the chili.


32 oz. bag of shredded mozzarella cheese

2-12 count bags of corn tortillas (I love white corn tortillas if you can find them)

1 large 28-30 oz. can of green chili enchilada sauce (make sure sauce is tomato-less)


Preheat oven to 350 degrees

-Spray pam cooking spray on bottom of 8”x11” pan

-Spoon onto bottom of the pan some green enchilada sauce, just enough to make a thin cover to help enchiladas not stick

-Take corn tortilla and dip it into can of enchilada sauce.  This helps soften the tortilla.  Lay flat on bottom of the pan, until bottom covered with one layer of tortillas

-Layer these tortillas with one half inch of mozzarella cheese

-Spoon a little green sauce on cheese layer

-Repeat with tortillas, cheese and sauce

-I do mine three layers thick

-Top last layer with cheese


Cover top with foil, do not let foil touch cheese

Bake until cheese is warm and melted in middle layers (test with knife in middle of pan)

When middle is warm, take foil off top and brown the top layer of cheese

After browning, take out of oven and let cool


The Chili


large cooking pot

6-8 boneless skinless chicken breast


2-3 28-30 oz. cans green enchilada sauce

2- jars 16 0z. green chili salsa (made with no tomatoes)

1 can Ortega Green Chili’s diced

cooked enchiladas


-Place chicken in pot

-Fill with water 1 inch above chicken

-Boil water and cook chicken until done (may need to add more water as cooks.  I keep water just above chicken

-Turn stove heat to medium-low

-Once chicken cooked, drain out water, put chicken back in pot

-Shred chicken

-Add in green chili enchilada sauce, green chili salsa, Ortega green chili’s


-Cut enchiladas into 2-3 inch pieces, use a spatula and place enchilada pieces into pot with chili

-Stir around

-Turn heat down to low

-Cover and simmer

-Stir every 10-15 minutes, do not let stick to bottom of pot

-As you stir enchiladas in chili they will fall apart and melt into chili, break apart tortillas with spoon or fork if needed

-At this point the rest is to your taste

-Water can be added to thin the chili or more green enchilada sauce or green salsa can be added

-I always buy extra sauces just in case

-Stir and keep heated

-Chili can cool slowly throughout day and eaten later (or placed in crock pot to keep warm and transferred to another setting, or be eaten immediately


If not all enchiladas are used for chili, you can freeze then to save for a meal another day, or eat them along side the chili.


I hope you enjoy!