Me at the Red Barn

Me at the Red Barn

I was so lucky as a young girl to have a wonderful place to ride horses.  It was called The Red Barn.  This barn was literally painted red.  It was a story book place.  My father took care of many of the horses that lived at this barn and stable.  Dad and mom bought me a pony horse and off I went. My mom would drop me off and I would spend many hours at this barn, some days after school, weekends or summer days when school was out of session.

I took many riding lessons and enjoyed showing my pony horse, King Louie.  Though this barn was not fancy, it was filled with loving people and animals.  I learned how to take responsibility for a life and for myself.

This barn is a favorite childhood memory of mine.  Unfortunately, in the past years it was torn down and made into a land fill, which now has a housing development built on top of it.

As an adult, I have driven by the exact spot the barn was built on.  It was a sad feeling for me, but the simple memory of The Red Barn will always bring me happiness.