Today, not a lot of kids get to walk to or from school. Our world has changed and many parents do not feel comfortable giving their children free reign of the neighborhood. Also, with districts dictating where each child will go to school, they are often not within walking distance. For me this is sad, because many of my favorite childhood memories are of walking home from school.

The distance between my school and home was just right.  In the middle of my walk was a small shopping center that had the most delicious family run bakery.  Each morning this bakery made all its cakes and baked goods. The people who worked there were so nice to us kids. When they had leftover frosting in their piping bags from decorating their cakes, they would keep it refrigerated and when we walked home past their windows, the baker would wave my friends and I in for one of the yummy frosting treats. We would be sure to say thank you and then be on our way home, squirting the butter cream frosting into our mouths. It was such a treat and I will never forget it.

If your children are lucky enough to walk places, or even if you take them, make sure they do not miss those little spots that have simple treats.  If they walk from your home to a friend’s house, maybe you can make the simple treat and send it with them. My favorite simple treats are cookies, cupcakes, and popcorn.