I live by the beach and one of my favorite things to do is drive by the beautiful coastline on my way to or from home. I always appreciate the people I see as I drive by; people parked in their cars, people standing on the shoreline, people sitting on sidewalk benches, enjoying their lunch or just a break from their day. I watch how they enjoy the breathtaking view and clean air, as I do the same. Some people tan or run into the water, taking the initiative to be in the environment and not just of it.

If you do not live by the beach, find a hiking trail or path and see where it may lead you.  As you walk and enjoy your surroundings, look for something small and special you can take home from our Earth.  That way you have something to remind you of your outing. You can also go a step further and make your special item into a piece of art. You may have chosen a shell, a rock, a pine cone, sand... Anything can be transformed! The idea is to take a special place, a special time and make it into something simple.