We get so busy driving through our neighborhoods, we rarely slow down to enjoy them. We rush to go to the big malls or large retail stores for the one stop shopping convenience. What we forget, is sometimes small gems are hidden out of sight.

Recently, I was going to an appointment in my local shopping area, or as locals call it, the village. I parked my car and was walking down the sidewalk to my destination and caught a shimmer out of the corner of my eye. I looked over and noticed the cutest display window. It was fun and so inviting. I made a note to stop in that little store on my way back to my car.

And so I did.

As I walked through its doors, I felt like I entered another realm of life. Every inch of this stores space was filled with fun, exciting, different little gifts. It was adorable. I stopped as I entered and just enjoyed being there. There was a feeling of giving, friends, families, parties, love and happiness, all in this little store. I was greeted by a young woman who later told me she owned the store.I picked up a few things that I knew I could use as gifts for family and friends. She helped me put them on the end of the counter close to her register. She giggled and stated, "My mom told me I should get some baskets and stack them at the door so people can put what they choose to buy in them." I told her that was a great idea and continued to shop and pick up a few more things.

They were all small items but special things you may not find in those big malls or stores. I paid for my new prizes and told her I would be back. I had the best time, taking a break out of the big world and walking into this special place.

And I even got holiday shopping done.

Look around the area you live in and find a special place. Step in and disappear for a while into a peaceful happiness. I am making hunting for these places a new hobby.