While Mom, Dad, our boxer Coco, and I lived in our 20 foot trailer, and Dad was at school, Mom studied her Betty Crocker cook book to a T. She became a wonderful cook. In my parents' fifty years of marriage, almost every night Mom made full meals for dinner. Always a salad to start, then a main course with a side dish, and finally, a homemade desert.

You would think these meals cost a lot of money, but my parents did not have much money to spend. So, the Betty Crocker cook book did its job. It has hundreds of recipes for all different kinds of food and desserts.

To this day my family uses this cook book and its recipes. We have taken a few of these recipes and added our own touches to them. Recently my daughter and I made Betty's homemade donut recipe, but substituted brown rice flour and whole wheat pastry flour for the white flour. 

Now, it is hard for us to eat some types of food out because we can make them at home even better. I hardly ever eat dessert out because Mom spoiled me with magnificent homemade cakes and pies growing up.

I like to give these cook books as gifts to our friends and family members in hopes that they will enjoy it as much as I have.

Just a simple thing.