Me and my best friend, our family boxer, Coco

Me and my best friend, our family boxer, Coco

Although we all live on this earth together, each of us live in different kinds of spaces. Some of us live in large spaces and some small. I prefer small cozy spaces which may stem from the first home I ever  lived in.

Mom and Dad got married young. They were 19 and 20 years old and Dad went to veterinary school in Fort Collins, Colorado. A year after they were married, I was born. At the time, this little town of Fort Collins, Colorado, was just that, little. The year I was born it snowed 9 months out of the whole year. Right after I was born was one of the biggest and earliest snow storms they ever had. So this set the stage for staying indoors a lot.

Dad was a close-to-starving student, now with a wife and baby. They could not afford much. Luckily there was a small trailer park across from the collage campus. Dad and Mom thought this area was perfect for us as Dad got through school so they purchased one of the little trailers. Dad made a deal with the local bank to only make payments on the trailer in the summer when he could work more.

It was all of 25 feet long and 8 feet wide and was an old blue color. My parents' bedroom was on one end, barely big enough for a twin bed. The kitchen and family area was on the opposite end and my bed was in the wall in the middle. Mom's dad, my grandfather, built my bed onto the wall of this space right above the fuel line which would freeze when the temperature dropped 20 below zero. Dad thought I would freeze to death. He would have to crawl under the trailer, usually in his PJ's at night, using a small blow torch to thaw it out. He tried putting on electrical heat tape that was used for water lines, but they still froze. They thought they were living in a castle, and that was all I knew.

Dad's dad would bring us meat every couple of months. He lived  in Denver, not too far from us. This is when Mom began reading and studying her Betty Crocker cook books and learned to make all of her delicious dishes.

We lived in this home for four years, Dad, Mom, me, and my best friend, our boxer, Coco. My sister was born and they bought a new trailer that was 10 feet wide and 45 feet long. The best part was, it was a light pink color.

We were moving on up! 

To this day I prefer small spaces. They are simple, they are cozy and with the right organization and planning they can have everything you need, just as if you were in a big space. With these memories, small spaces make me smile and make me happy.