Originally built as a guest house, my home was designed for ultimate practicality and comfort. Each of its rooms fulfills all my family's needs. Yet as I started writing my book, I found it lacked just one space: an office. 

For me, the kitchen is spiritually the heart of our home, and gave me a good energy for writing. So I happily used my kitchen's island counter as a writing space. Yet I needed somewhere close by to keep supplies for working and daily life. 

Tucked just beyond the kitchen in the transition space to the dining room is a cabinet. It is just steps away from my "writing desk."  So as I wrote, I added to my cabinet. Many piles began collecting inside its closed doors.

One day my daughter came home and opened the cabinet. She was in shock at how much stuff I had crammed inside “my office."  She told me I needed to organize it. I was hesitant because it was organized to me—I knew what lay in every nook and cranny—and yet I could not deny she was right. So off we went to the store  to buy separators and organizers for my office space. 

We spent a few hours going through the cabinet’s contents, threw out piles of obsolete papers and unnecessary objects, and created spots for the rest. 

My cabinet and my counter top combined are now the perfect office space. Now It is so easy to find what I need in a snap. And when I put away my notebooks and laptop and shut the cabinet doors, no one would ever be the wiser of what I really use the space for!