Everyone knows when the fair comes to town! The set up takes days, sometimes weeks. Enough time to circulate talk and excitement. Some people plan weeks in advance the exact day they’re going, others wake up and decide, “today’s the day!” Whether on break from school or playing hooky at work, the fair is worth fitting in. Even if you aren’t big on crowds, give it one more try. It’s hard to regret attending a fair!

There is a sense of community as you walk through the entrance. Others moving along with you, smiles wide across their faces, experiencing the same joy of exploring. The environment overwhelms the senses; colorful back drops, enticing smells and flavorful tastes from the crazy foods offered, musical bands and performers perched in different corners, the abundance of things you can buy, carnival games that catch your attention as you walk by. If you are lucky maybe you win a prize. Although, in the past, my husband has given up on winning the prize and haggles with the game attendant! Sometimes it works, and our girls would happily hug their giant bear or monkey for the remainder of the day. Your fair also might have a tarot card reader where you can experience the sixth sense.  

Attending a fair is like entering a time warp, the hours fly by. Somehow, eventually, you’ll find your way to the exit, the fun exhausted out of you. As you leave, notice all those walking in to begin their journey of fun in the open air. Happiness and anticipation on their faces, content and ease on yours. When you get home, rest and reminisce over your fun day at the fair.