Memories in Dragonflies is Officially Published!


Today is the day that my memoir, Memories in Dragonflies, Simple Lessons for Mindful Dying, is officially out in the world!

Ten years ago when my mom passed away, I wasn’t quite ready to process exactly how impactful the experience was on my life. But five years ago, I woke up one night and all the memories were rising to the surface, just asking to be written down. I never thought a book would come from one of the hardest times in my life. It’s been a journey in itself from the moment I bought a notebook at Warwick’s bookstore and wrote down my memories to this moment, holding the published book in my hands.

My hope is for this book to be a little guiding light to those of you who have or will ever find themselves facing the loss of a loved one. That it will help spark a conversation about death and dying—not as a wholly negative experience, but as an opportunity to find the joy in the day to day struggles.

Through taking care of my mom, I discovered that there is always joy to be found in hardship. I am so excited for you all to read it!