My Favorite Technology-Free Entertainment For the Whole Family


Children always need to be entertained and, in our technology-saturated lives, that entertainment often comes in the form of bright screens. 

While there are wonderful TV shows and films for children that help them learn and grow, there’s nothing like giving them a good book and watching their imagination unfold as you read together.

So during National Children's Book Week, I always welcome the yearly reminder to slow down and read.

It’s a simple joy in itself to gift a child a book, but that much better to share the experience with them.

That’s why I love a particular story book experience called: And Then... Story Starters by M.H. Clark. 

Instead of a bound book, it is a stack of large cards, each one with a beautiful illustration and the beginning of a story.

These story starters leave it up to the readers to finish the story.

Not only does it encourage the young reader to use their imagination, but it becomes a shared experience and memory for friends or family who participate.

It also means that no one will get sick of the story because it can be different every single time you pick it up!

You can even make the whole set into a game, with the whole family choosing a card and adding to each other’s stories. 

Or even adapt the stories into a theatrical living room play by making back drops and costumes to express it.

The possibilities for creativity and simple joys are endless!

A lovely companion gift to Story Starters would be my all-time favorite children’s book, Harold and The Purple Crayon, where Harold creates his own world. 

I’d love to hear in the comments below what your favorite children’s book is!