How to Encourage Young Writers


Writing is a sacred practice. It is a way to make our thoughts and ideas permanent and sharable for generations to come. It is a way to communicate imagination and reality, whether in a journaling form or a storytelling fashion.

It's National Encourage a Young Writer Day, and I take "young" to mean not just children and teens, but people of all ages who are new to the craft. I love to encourage family and friends, no matter their age, to write. 

At events and casual get-togethers friends and family tell me incredible tidbits of their life stories. People love to talk, but when I suggest they write down their experiences, they always say, “Oh, no, I can’t write.”

And I always respond, "Yes you can, and it’s fun!” 

The next time I know I’m going to see that person, I bring them a little gift: a spiral notebook and erasable pen. It encourages them to write down their ideas with no pressure because it can always be erased, but won’t smudge and fade like pencil lead does. What’s more, it creates a new part of my relationship with them.  

So on this day of encouraging young writers, I also want to encourage people of all ages to begin writing. Write and bring your ideas and stories to life, short or long, and share them with all!




Real or not