I was one of those kids who did not like milk. My mom begged and pleaded with me to drink the three or four recommended glasses of milk a day. Over and over again she told me, “Milk has calcium in it and will make your bones strong.” Like many kids, I didn’t care. Milk made me gag! 

Mom was always into nutrition. She held out on extra sugar, wanting her kids to have as wholesome a diet as possible. One morning, she gave up and offered me her homemade hot chocolate. Well, what can I say—It worked! I drank down that decadent chocolate-flavored milk in just a few minutes.  

From that day on, she started making large batches of the hot chocolate. After an experiment, we discovered I also liked it cold. So she poured the leftovers into a glass container and popped it into the refrigerator. Hence, no more problems getting me to drink milk!

When my girls were little, she did the same for them, with an extra special touch of using her beautiful tea cup collection to hold their delicious chocolatey treat. On special occasions, Mom would add some marshmallows in a variety of sizes. 

Simple Hot Chocolate

5 ounces finely chopped chocolate (pick your favorite dark, milk, or semi sweet variety)
2 cups milk of your choice (whole, almond, coconut, goat, or soy) 

Heat milk in medium sized sauce pan. 

When milk is warm, whisk in chocolate.

Stir until all combined.

You can cool and rewarm it for later enjoyment or drink it chilled.