My husband had a business conference in the same city where my best friend lives, so I decided to go with him and create what I called my own underground conference. I enjoyed the environment of the hotel, did some writing and visited with my friend.

Rather than a single tall building, the hotel spanned across a flat expanse of land, where short buildings were arranged in a circle with a pool in the center. Because there were multiple pools, some of them, ours included, sat vacant the entire few days we were there. I’m not much of a swimmer, but the serene, uninhabited (and incredibly hot desert) environment beckoned me. So I took the opportunity to use the pool in a different way.

I grabbed a towel and a bottle of water, and headed outside. I laid the towel flat on the edge of the pool, took off my sandals and sat down. Then I pulled my pant legs up and put my bare feet into the cool water. My feet sat just below the water’s surface enjoying every ripple that flowed over them. A calm feeling settling over me as I basked in the sun, felt th wind on my face, and listened to the silence. I sat in solitude for quite a while and when I finally went inside, felt refreshed.  

Even if the pool you find is busy, I bet you can find a little spot on its edge and enjoy, no bathing suit needed, just your bare feet.