My daughter recently discovered homemade organic popcorn and I fell in love with the freshness and taste. Now, I make it several times a week to share with my husband while we watch television and movies at home. 

Here is our recipe for you to enjoy!


Homemade Popcorn

1/2 cup corn kernels

1 T oil

1 tsp salt

1 T butter

In a large pot over medium heat, drizzle enough oil to cover the bottom of the pot. Place three corn kernels in and cover. Once you hear those little kernels pop, it is time to add in the rest of the kernels, covering the bottom of the pan. Close the lid and wait for all the kernels to pop and remove from heat. Pour popcorn into a large bowl and melt butter in the pot that you cooked the popcorn in. Then drizzle the melted butter over the popcorn and sprinkle with salt. (If making carmel corn, do not pour melted butter or salt over popcorn - you can find my carmel corn recipe HERE)