Each day we go through life doing and fulfilling all that needs to be done. In doing so, situations arise, some good and some bad. In order to be happy we just have to laugh at them all. I am going to be sharing some of my situations in life with you and would love for you to share some of yours with me. Please feel free to comment here or reach out to me via email just to chat. 

The first situation I will share with you has the theme I have used my whole life: never go against your gut, or a more grown up term, your intuition. I rarely go against my intuition, but if I do, I either get sick or something not good comes of it. Not long ago, a situation occurred that made me realize there was more to it than I thought. 

Throughout my high school and college career, I used one paperback dictionary. Now, thirty years later, I have come to cherish it and call it "my baby". Ten years ago it broke in half. It had gotten a lot of use, so I didn't think much of it and I put it in a small plastic baggie to keep it safe. 

A few years ago, my husband and I decided to get a boat and were thinking of what to name it. Since using my intuition has been my philosophy for many years, we decided "Intuition" was the perfect name, but I wanted to look up the true definition in "my baby" before making the final decision. When I opened the dictionary it fell in half and a page that was cut in half fell out. I didn't think anything more of it than it was a shame "my baby" was getting old and breaking. As I started to look for the name, the dictionary happened to be open to the exact page beginning with "INT". As I looked closer, I realized the word "Intuition" was on the page that had been torn previously, right below the tear. 


When my dictionary broke ten years before, this was a sign that I was supposed to use my gut, or intuition. Most of the time I do, but if I had realized this at the time, I would have paid more attention and not crossed that gut feeling I always get. This proved to me that it is more than just a feeling, and I haven't gone against it since.